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New, improved filing system aims to top the rest

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If you have never considered the possibility that a filing system might excite you, then a brand new animal in this industry is set to make you think again.

African Filing Systems is a top retrieval company that is taking filing systems┬áto a whole new level. According to African Filing’s Michael Wykerd, the company is offering an unrivalled product range that is far removed from the dull – and sometimes inefficient – filing systems that have been the industry standard for decades.

Michael elaborates: “African Filing Systems was born out of a desire to improve on the same, standard filing products that have been on the market for years, particularly those in the top retrieval sector.

“We are offering filing products that have a brand new look, and feel, and we guarantee that African Filing’s systems will excite customers who are tired of the same nondescript, almost always pastel-coloured, and not always user-friendly filing products that have been offered up to now,” Michael states.

We have become well established as superior cabinet suppliers, bulk filer suppliers and suppliers of office furniture and related office supplies.

The Origins of a Superior Brand

With patriotism at an all-time high after the successful 2010 World Cup, African Filing was launched with a very unique African theme. Manufactured from top quality paper and board, the product range is exceptional – boasting both visual appeal and enhanced functionality. “Our goal was to create a system that is more user-friendly and attractive than what is currently available in the market, and we are proud to unveil a range that we believe fits this bill.” Africa and its animals – particularly the Big 5 – is the theme of African Filing’s system. Michael explains: “Each file carries a striking image of a different animal. The light weight file features the leopard (Ingwe), the medium weight has the buffalo (Inyathi), the super weight features the Lion (Ibhubesi), The rhino (Ubhejane) is on the heavy weight file, while the “Expanda” file bears an etching of the elephant (Indlovu). The “Employee” file is differentiated from the rest with an image of a secretary bird, while other products in the range feature the giraffe, zebra and even that truly African tree, the baobab.”

“Branding” each file with a different image makes African Filing’s system much more user friendly. In addition, the business partners have combined their many years’ of experience in filing systems filing cabinet suppliers to improve on the functionality of the files. “We have set out to ensure that our gusset sizes are completely accurate, so customers can be assured that a file will carry the specified number of sheets. Reference numbers for each file have been simplified and incorporate the file’s capacity and gusset size, to make it easier for customers to re-order any product,” Michael notes. “Reference number AF200, for example, carries 200 sheets of paper and has a gusset size of 20mm, and we’ve even added filing hints and tips.”

African Filing’s enhanced archiving products also feature higher specification board and increased depth in the off-site storage box. The latter feature means the African Filing off-site storage box can hold not only the company’s range of archiving products, but also standard lever arch files. We have made improvements to the information panels on our archiving products, for ease of use. The system itself is modular in concept, with each of the archive products able to be housed within the off-site storage box. In keeping with the African theme, the archive range features images of Bushmen and animal spoor. The message? Let African Filing help you do what they are the best at – ‘Tracking your documents’.

The company’s labels are also poised to top similar products on the market, with both alpha and numeric labels from African Filing boasting more labels per sheet.

African Filing’s new products will be available throughout South Africa, and in neighbouring territories. Distributors and agencies are currently being established. Michael elaborates: “Our products will be sold to end users through the reseller market, and we would welcome enquiries from stationers and other resellers interested in carrying African Filing’s outstanding range. We believe our system spells the end of an era of boring, colourless filing products. If there’s such a thing as a classy file, this is it,” he quips.

In addition to its outstanding product range, African Filing is also offering training in top retrieval filing systems.

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